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Trade Analysis from the Experts

...and I'm no expert. I don't have the foggiest idea how this shit is gonna work out at this point, so I've rounded up some of the best takes on the deal that I can find. You'll see everything from euphoria to hesitance to disgust.

  • MJD at the Fanhouse thinks this makes the Knicks legit.
  • SML isn't totally convinced.
  • Mutoni gives you the reactions of Stephon Marbury and Spike Lee. Hint: they're both happy.
  • The responses at Knickerblogger are mostly negative, but Brian Maniscalco provides some evidence that Randolph and Curry can co-exist. (Note: We need to start coming up with nicknames for some of these new players and new tandems. Start thinking and I'll have a nickname thread up soon.)
  • Isiah gives his reasoning for making the deal.
  • Paul Perdichizzi of Father Knickerbocker is pleased, and examines the ramifications of this deal in further deals.
  • Fox Sports really thinks the deal sucks. Not much explanation, though.
  • I'll finish with a video of exactly what I'd like to see from Zach Randolph in New York. This serves as some evidence that, whether or not he demonstrated them in Portland, he possesses some of the skills we need from him.
If Isiah Thomas can harness and exploit that out.

That's it for now. I'll have your nickname thread and some other things up soon. Peace.