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More on the Trade

I've gotta work in the land of no computers all day (just like every day), so here's a few things to hold you over until I can do a big post this evening.

- There was a little more to that trade than we originally thought. The Knicks also got Demetris Nichols, the outside-shooting forward out of Syracuse in exchange for next year's second-rounder. I think that sweetens the pot considerably. (Is "sweetens the pot" an actual expression? It's too early in the morning.) Here's the full breakdown of the deal.

- The "exclusive interview" with Isiah is a must-read. Like this part:

On Zach Randolph playing with Eddy Curry...

Thomas: We are a team that pounds the ball inside. We win by going to the foul line and outscoring teams in the paint and we are a big power team. Those two guys on the block will be tough to handle and will have the ball in their hands a lot.

Translation: "I don't know how the fuck this is gonna work either."

- One last thing for now is this pro-Randolph bit from Newsday. My favorite line:

So he once punched Ruben Patterson, a registered sex offender, in the face during a practice. So he supposedly was caught street-racing with loaded guns in his car. So he was spotted in a strip club on the same night his team was playing a home game, at a time when he was supposed to have been taking bereavement leave.

Hey, we all grieve in our own ways.

Yeah! Let the era begin!

I'll be back this evening with plenty to talk about. Peace.