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On the Cavs

After the Cleveland Cavaliers' exhilirating elimination of the Pistons last night, I immediately headed over to Yay Sports! to see what people were saying. I'm extremely happy for The Cavalier and his team, especially with the amount of suffering they've gone through this year and years past. I'm excited to see LeBron in the Finals, and I'll be rooting for Cleveland to take down the Spurs, a team that I hate unconditionally.

That said, the notion of the Cavs in the Finals raises within me some questions. What if they do win? What does that say about the NBA Championship? Cleveland is a team that won 50 games this year, and their effort and makeup was often questioned. Mike Brown is not generally regarded as a great- or even good- coach. How would that come into play if the Cavs become champs?

I'm still pondering this. I will be rooting for the Cavaliers- a team with a transcendent star and a likeable supporting cast and coach- to slay the Spurs, but I fear for what their victory might prove. I open this up to you guys. Are the Cavs "good"? If they do win, does that prove anything? Does anyone feel the same reservations I do about having a team like this get so far? I'm interested to know what you guys think.