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Knicks Gonna Work it Out

From, the Knicks and Nets are combining resources to work out four players tomorrow (Tuesday):

Meanwhile, Mike Dougherty mentions that Stephane Lasme (F) of UMass, DaShaun Wood (G) of Wright State, Jamar Wilson (G) of Albany, and Brandon Wallace (F) of South Carolina will all be working out in Jersey, with Knicks officials watching. (Prospects are trying to consolidate their workouts this year. Sean Williams, for instance, will be holding a couple of general workouts in Houston, and that's it. This all comes from Doughtery's blog, Knicks Knacks.)

What do you guys think? I haven't seen much of any one of these players, but Byars and Williams (who I will call "Chong" Williams when he is in the NBA), both seem like they could find a place in the rotation. What's your first impression? State your case in the comments.