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Zeke Has a Need For Sheed

(with apologies to

As mentioned on the Fanhouse and the aforementioned Need 4 Sheed, Isiah Thomas may be pursuing Rasheed Wallace. This is merely speculation (I don't see any direct quotation of Isiah), but it's an interesting scenario. Wallace may very well be on his way out, and a guy who can hit threes, rebound, and defend the post is intriguing. He's also an experienced and vocal player, and someone who might keep the fire lit under Eddy Curry's ass.

On the other hand, Wallace is pricey and his contract doesn't expire until 08/09. He's also older, rather grouchy, and prone to controversy. And it might take someone like Crawford, Lee, or QRich to get him.

It's intriguing. I've expressed time and again that I don't think the Knicks need to make a big trade this offseason, but this is one of the more novel and interesting possibilities. Again, this premise is entirely rumor, but what do you think? Sheed's a one-of-a-kind player, but the baggage and the expense might outweigh the merits. Comment away.