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SBNSR Tonight

The SB Nation Sports Radio is on tonight at 9. They'll be talking about LeBron. I just wrote a whole entry about LBJ, but I'm not gonna post it. It's about how we try and package LeBron James into Michael or Magic when, in fact, what makes LeBron so great is what made those guys so great- that no one has ever played the game like he's playing it. Or something like that. I also mentioned how it bugs me that LeBron chose the number 23 and signed with Nike. That made it too easy for us to compare him to Michael when he's a completely different player. Whatever. The post was rambling and completely incoherent, so it got the cut.

Anyway, what I mean to say is that SportsGuru and Big Blue Shoe, the hosts of SBNSR have quite a lot to say about LeBron, so it should be an interesting show. I still give the radio show my recommendation, and not just because I'm part of the Nation. It's a good thing. Check it out.