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I Like Stephane Lasme.

MSG Photos

From the Knicks website...


"I just try to be where the ball is," he said, extremely soft-spoken. "I'm HUNTING for it. I have a knack, I guess. It comes naturally. To tell you the truth, I never actually worked at it."

"Obviously, I've got a lot of things to work on," he smiled. "I need to improve my offensive game a little bit more, also my perimeter defense. I've got to knock down the mid-range shot and just improve my range. But I'm patient with it."

`'I work hard," he added. `'I can do anything. I will do anything you tell me to do. I don't mind doing the dirty job. I think I got that across today.''

That's cool. As wraith mentioned yesterday, some of these prospects seem like they're reading notecards- falling just short of proclaiming their own "freakish athleticism" and "tremendous upside." Lasme presents at least a semi-departure from the fountain of clichés.

The 6'8'', 225 lb. shot-blocking forward from UMass isn't likely to end up on the Knicks (if he did he'd certainly have to find a new name, as Barnesgasm pointed out. I'd probably just call him Stephanie.), but I like his enthusiasm and his straightforward words. Either way, here's his profile, just for kicks. P&T salutes you, Stephane Lasme.