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Nix Released by New York Basketball Team

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Here's one for the "people you don't actually know much or care about until they leave" department...

 According to the NY Post (who went to town on the obvious headline for this story), the Knicks have fired Jeff Nix, their longtime "director of college scouting." The aptly named Nix had been around since the Riley era, so he was probably responsible in some way for turning up gems like Trevor Ariza, David Lee, and Renaldo Balkman (and John Thomas and Walter McCarty, to be fair).

I can't gather exactly what the significance of this move is. The Post article makes it sound like the firing was inevitable, given Nix's fall from power during Zeke's reign (He was once assistant GM to Scott "Fire" Layden).

If Isiah doesn't replace Nix, then I guess we can assume that he'd like to be responsible for college scouting himself. Maybe? If that's the case, then you've gotta admire the man's work ethic. GM...then coach...and now chief scout? Next thing you know Isiah will be collecting towels and microwaving Easy Mac for Nate Robinson.

More news and/or draft analysis and/or Game 1 threads and/or nothing at all cominatcha soon. Peace.