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Friday Mongooses (Mongeese?)

It's been a minute since I did one of these, eh? Here's what's floating around the internets...
  • Stop Mike Lupica's got a few installments of our Know the Prospects project up: Demetris Nichols and, if you missed it, Derrick Byars.
  • In other SML news, Barnesgasm of Son of Dippin is back with another commercial that should never be made.
  • Glen "(Slightly Less) Big Baby" Davis, Nick "Forever" Young, Joshua "Josh" McRoberts and Morris "Needs a Nickname" Almond all worked out for the Knicks recently. Of those four, Almond is the most intriguing and practical prospect. He's a silky-ass shooter from Rice University who reminds of some of Allan Houston. More on that in the upcoming days.
  • A step in the right direction: assistant coach Phil Ford is leaving the Knicks for the Bobcats. We're getting closer and closer to removing all the moles that LB left in the organization.
  • The Sports Guy's podcast interview with Marv Albert is fantastic. Great questions, great responses. Although I'm a little bummed that Simmons didn't ask Marv why he pronounces "EE-leven" so weird.
  • The next installment of Know the Prospect will be up in these parts no later than tomorrow afternoon.
That is all. Peace.