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Zach Randolph "Welcome to New York" Mix

Here's a nice little video someone made of Z-Bo's offensive prowess.

A few thoughts:

  • Love the Family Matters bit at the beginning. Randolph really does look like Darius McCrary.
  • The most intriguing parts are the ones where Zack scores facing the basket. Now there's a scoring element that Curry doesn't bring to the offense.
  • If there's any opportunity for Curry to become a better rebounder, it's this. So much attention is going to be paid to Randolph that Mittens should have better opportunities at tip-ins and putback dunks.
  • Eddy Curry is a bull. His shots are ugly but effective. Randolph is big, but he's much smoother.
I know about the cost, the risk, and the controversy, but is anyone else just excited to see what Zach 'n' Eddy can accomplish together?