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Wednesday Chinchillas

It's been a minute since I've rounded up some mammal-themed links. Here's what you've been missing on the internets these days.

  • Barnesgasm is on a hot streak over at Son of Dippin. His last three posts are a fucking tempest of hilarity and blatant racism.
  • Steve Francis done got bought out (found via the Fanhouse).
  • Dan Steinberg wrote a great post on Daniel Artest, complete with a most gracious link to P&T. If Jerome James skinned Ron Artest, wore his face as a mask, and then ate the remains, he would look like Daniel Artest. I think I just made myself sick.
  • SML is back from vay-cay and posting like it's going out of style.
  • The Knicks went to town on the Chinese last night. Randolph Morris, who is going to be the fan favorite this season, had 7 fouls. Do not fuck with Dolph.
  • It's just Summer League, but Marc Berman points out that Humpty has been shutting down some real competition in the two games. He also throws in this good point: "Balkman's physical defense is why coach Isiah Thomas is reluctant to include him in any Artest trade offers. Garden fans love Balkman, with his hustling style and flowing dreadlocks.In fact, Balkman could be a young Artest on the defensive end, though he's got a long way to go offensively." Exactly! Why spend the money and risk on Artest when you've got guys on your own roster who, with the proper coaching, could play his game? I am a believer in organic talent.

That's all I've got for you today. The Knicks' next Summer League game is on Thursday against Sacto. Peace.