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Malik Believes the Hype

Good news! Malik Rose has emerged from his fortress of solitude to say a sooth, and it bodes well for the upcoming season (from the Daily News). Malik appeared from his lair wielding a staff and a single white rose. He raised his staff up towards the heavens and the sky turned pitch black. A single beam of light shone down upon Malik, and in a violent paroxysm of knowledge he spoke:

"Everybody will definitely have an adjustment, and maybe Eddy's adjustment will be a little bit bigger," Rose said here yesterday after returning from France. "Can it happen? I definitely think so. Will it be hard? No doubt. It's going to be difficult because both of them like to post up on the same block. But if anybody can make it work it's (Isiah Thomas) because Zeke's a good motivator. But it will be hard."

Malik then thrust his staff into the ground and cast his gaze over the horizon, causing all the trees to wilt and die.

Sounds good, eh? I also like that he went the self-questioning route, which is always a winner. I wonder if he does that regularly?

(Setting: Ordinary regular season game. The Knicks are drawing up a play to win the game in the final seconds.)

Malik: Can we win this game? No, not without a miracle. Is Jamal gonna brick a 23-footer? Without question. Will there be better shots available on the floor? Absolutely. Are jellybeans delicious? You know it.

Anyway, the venerable Malik has spoken, and EZ Money is going to kick ass this year.

UPDATE: By the way, it's funny how much a headline can change the tone of a story. The Newsday article takes the same story and headlines it with "Rose sees hard work ahead for Knicks' frontcourt". That quotation doesn't sound especially positive to me at all, but I'm digging Isola's positive outlook.