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LJ Speaks!

In the coolest news of the summer, my favorite Knick of all time, Larry Johnson, was found at the Last Man Standing tournament in Harlem. For the first time in five years, we got to hear from him and learn what he's up to. According to the NY Post article, he's been at home in Dallas, running a bottled water company and pursuing a degree in communications from UNLV. LJ even shared his thoughts on the current Knicks:

"Zach Randolph, I love it," LJ said. "With him, the big fella [Eddy Curry], Stephon [Marbury, they're good]," Johnson said. "That fight [against the Nuggets last season], I thought it brought them closer together as a team. I lost money, because I bet on those cats to go to the playoffs."


Anyway, find the guy in your "Whatever Happened to LJ?" pool who had "selling bottled water and betting on the Knicks from afar" and pay that guy his money. I had my money on LJ either producing rap or becoming royalty in some tiny South Asian country (or some combination of the two). Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

It's good to hear from Larry Johnson again, and I hope to see the man at some games or even on the Knick staff during the upcoming season.