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Expand Your Vocabulary!

Since the "Sunday Lookalikes" section sorta died out, I'm looking for some new features to run next season. This summer is our test phase. Remember that your ideas are welcome, if not desperately needed. We begin with the first entry in the Knicktionary. This may expand and include future entries as well as made-up words from posts past. We'll see.

zekesman n. a Knick prospect, usually around 6'8'', who possesses the qualities dearest to Isiah Thomas: long arms, athleticism, leaping ability, and either streakiness or utter ineptitude in a set offense

Background: Active Zekesmen include Trevor Ariza, Renaldo Balkman, Wilson Chandler, Jared Jeffries, and Mardy Collins, among others.

Yeah. If you wanna read someone who's really good with NBA definitions, check out Basketbawful.