Who to cut?

I like my rookies.

The Knicks have to get rid of two players on their roster, who should it be and why?

Many a website are saying that Isiah might stash Nichols and Chandler off to Europe or another league, but how beneficial will that be for them, if anything that'll just hinder them from reaching their potential.

I don't know if you can do this with their contracts (someone help me out) but I'd cut Jefferies and James.

Jefferies is going to get hardly any playing time with the emergence of Humpty and and Q probably starting at the 3, when he played last year, he didn't play well at all (every game i went to at the garden he was booed).

James is old and probably won't get any playing time with DLee subbing in for either Eddy or Zach. He had one decent game last year, however all of his other games made me have stomach problems.

It's time to wipe these two guys off the roster, forget about their contracts during the year, and go forward with our better "youthier" team.