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Proof That Humpty Loves Risky Business? Not really.

Editor's note: Rickybrunson went ahead and ruined the fun (just kidding, P&T loves you.). This entire post is moot. Read the comments for the likely truth from the more observant Brunson. Barnesgasm and I will now get our ears checked.

Barnesgasm breaks this down a helluva lot better than I do, so I'll give you the short story. After putting up a monster summer league effort on his birthday, Renaldo "Humpty" Balkman, 23, of Planet Lovetron was interviewed by Gus Johnson and Walt Frazier. Humpty had this to say:

Did you hear that response to the party question? The first time I heard it, I thought he said "I'm going to get a couple wasted", which made little to no sense, so I paid no mind. Now that I give it a listen, though, it appears Renaldo is saying "I'm going to get lifted right now with Green/e", which may be a reference to summer league gunner Brian Greene (who, to be fair, looks more apt to coach travel soccer than to blaze), or simply "green", as in marijuana. Maybe he's joking. Maybe we're misunderstanding him. Or maybe this is proof that Humpty does, as we all imagined, love the reefer. The fact that he manages to say "thank you" about 37 times in less than a second only helps our case. It should be noted that I, for one, took Balkman for a pot-smoker not because of his dreadlocks, but because of his expression, which alternates between "giggly" and "dazed". No more, no less.

I don't know if I was clear enough, but go read about this at Son of Dippin. In fact, you might as well just read SoD instead of this blog. I know I do.