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Stephon Marbury is blogging.

Listen, I'm thoroughly excited about Stephon Marbury's charitable enterprise. He's working hard to help countless people, and improving his image while he does so. That said, haven't we heard just about enough from him? Couldn't some other Knick be passed the mic during this offseason? Maybe Zach Randolph could introduce himself or Eddy Curry could describe his workout regimen or Malik Rose could regale us with his stories from 'Nam or something like that. Apparently not. Steph is guest-blogging at the New York Post website, and his first post is the chronicle of self-righteousness we've come to expect.

"Basketball is a gift that was given to me. But it is just a game. A game that I love but it does not compare to the gift of changing people's lives which is the purpose of this trip.

We are servants to the people. As we travel across the country, we are serving a bigger purpose, spreading hope and providing access for all.

People from all walks of life are lining up for hours to give back by showing their appreciation. It's something I never expected but am humbled by."

It goes on. I suppose the extensive media coverage of Steph's charity has rendered me numb to its valor. He has every reason to be proud, but I admit I'm a little sick of hearing about it. (Unless, of course, Marbury could somehow pause to take a phone call in the middle of a blog entry. Or if he went around the NY Post website and interrupted people's paragraphs in all capitals. That would be cool.)