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Stephon Marbury is still blogging.

Steph's back and his most recent post is a bit juicier than the first. A synopsis:

  • It's about more than basketball. In case you forgot.
  • Steph denies our suspicions that he was on something strong during his Mike'd Up interview.
  • Mayor Bloomberg rocked some Starburys.
  • Steph likes Cracker Barrel. What do you think he orders? I'm going with the Smoked Country Sausage 'n' Biscuits. (Word on the street is Nate is also a Cracker Barrel fan, and is partial to the Kids Homemade Chicken 'n' Dumplins.)
  • Steph calls out none other than the G.O.A.T. himself:
    We met a nice lady named Lisa who worked there and told us the story of how she had promised her son she would buy him a pair of $175 Jordans even though she didn't want to. But he never had any brand name shoes. So she did it. She wrote Michael Jordan a letter saying it was unfair a lot of children wouldn't be able to afford them and they shouldn't need Jordans to feel accepted. She said they sent her a b.s. email back but that was it. I want Michael Jordan to get down with the movement and come out with a Star Jordan sneaker for the people. Let's see what happens.

    Somewhere, Jordan smiles and lights up a stogie with a flaming Starbury One.

  • It's about more than basketball. Really.

I make fun, but Marbury's dedication to his project is admirable, and it's great to know he's happy. I do hope, though, that there's something more interesting to talk about this offseason.

(Tips of the hat to Matt Watson and Perk is a Beast.)