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"The Ultimate Summer-League Player"?

Here's one for the "things I found from publications that are far too advanced for my attention span while vainly searching 'knicks' on Google News to see if my own posts come up" file. In his fantastic article on the Summer League, David Roth of Slate has this to say:

It's no accident that the Knicks' Nate Robinson was the MVP of this year's Vegas summer league. In the NBA, Robinson is an inefficient ball hog. In the frenetic summer league, though, his worst tendencies--the inability to slow down or pass up a shot, ever; a predilection for jumping before deciding whether to pass or shoot--become crowd-pleasing, stat-stuffing pluses. For the same reasons that Robinson annoys Knicks fans, he'd be a lot of fun as a pickup teammate; he is the ultimate summer-league player.

Thought that was interesting. The whole piece is worth a read.