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Thursday Pygmy Shrews

Sup? Not much going on today, so I'll just throw you a few quick links to snack on.

  • Knickerblogger's most recent player report card is on Jerome James. Uh, let's just say Jerome's gonna need some remedial tutoring.
  • The Cavalier has some photoshop mastery that'll make you shit with laughter. So, you know, be near a restroom before you click that link.
  • Speaking of shit and laughter and restrooms, Barnesgasm is venturing into the dark, forbidding world of polls. I'll use this thought to encourage you to vote in our own poll, which is of dire importance.
  • Steve Francis is returning to Houston. It's gonna be funny when Steve wears out his welcome and the Rockets realize that "rehabbing his leg in Houston" isn't a passable excuse for his absence. In all seriousness, I wish him well. I'm a little more benevolent towards Stevie now that he's out of New York. Not that he cares.
  • Stephon Marbury's fourth blog post is up, but it's pretty benign. He didn't declare his intention to legally change his name to Starbury or anything like that. I guess I expect more from Steph after that Italy business.
  • SML has a bevy of Artestitude, including some interesting Knick-related quotations.
That's all for today. Hope everyone's enjoying their summer. Remember to get your votes in and comment on the post below. P&T is yours.