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Randolph & Friends Introduced

AP Photo/Jeff Zelevansky

What's up. I caught the press conference, and it was pretty boring. It seems as if none of the guys, including Randolph, have had much of a chance to speak to Isiah Thomas. I find that a little unsettling, but whatever. Zeke, in his extremely uncomfortable speaking tone, introduced Dickau as a hard worker, Jones as a defensive diamond in the rough, and Randolph as a grown man who deserves a fresh start. Dickau and Jones both sounded a little shocked and homesick, but were introduced in such a way that I expect them to be on the roster this season. For his part, Z-Bo said all the right things. Mike Dougherty has the full quotations from Randolph:

On his past:

"Too much has been made of it.," he said. "All of the incidents in the papers, I've never really been charged with nothing. They're allegations. People don't know what's going on. That's in my past. Don't judge me from my past, judge me from my future and what I want to bring to this team and this city and this organization and that's professionalism, hard work and trying to win."

On playing with Eddy Curry, et al:

"I think it can work," he said. "I'm not a selfish player. That's how you win games. You can't be selfish. You gotta share, and I understand that. I'm on the court with four other great players, Marbury, Jamal, Curry, Quentin Richardson and the other guys. I understand you might have to give up something, but I'm willing to do that as long as we get them Ws in the column."

The kid seems nice. He said the right things, and I'm as willing as anybody to give him a clean slate as a Knick. (I'm sure Randolph is very relieved to hear this from me.)

Welcome to New York, Zach.