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Best News Ever

I mentioned Larry Johnson's resurfacing a week or two ago, including my hope that he rejoins the Knicks organization. Well, my prayers may be answered.

If there is such a thing as the "Curse of L.J.," the Knicks may be doing something about it. According to sources, Johnson could be returning to the Knicks in a still-undefined role. In all likelihood, Johnson will be working for the Knicks part-time in their community relations department along with former teammate John Starks.

Community relations? Why not? I have visions of LJ entertaining the kids in full "Granniema" attire. One more passage in the Daily News article makes me wonder if he couldn't mentor a particular newcomer to this team...

When the Knicks acquired Johnson in 1996 from the Hornets for Anthony Mason, he came to New York with a reputation as being a malcontent. But Johnson quickly became a favorite among coaches, teammates and fans because of his work ethic, his quality of play and for his noted playoff heroics.

Hmm. Anyway, Larry Johnson is probably my favorite Knick of all time, and I'd be happy to see him back in any position. The more we see of LJ, the happier I'll be. (That last sentence should be sung.)

UPDATE: It should be noted that this is stricly an "according to sources" story. No one is directly quoted to back up this rumor, and considering past Ewing rumors that have proven mistaken, we should take this with a grain of salt. I'm still excited.