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How Tim Donaghy May Have Affected the Knicks

Our Knicks were notorious for making huge runs in the third and fourth quarters of games this season. If the accusations towards Tim Donaghy are true, we may have had some help. From the Daily News:

The games Donaghy allegedly gambled on have not been revealed. Last season, he was assigned to three Knicks games, including two at Madison Square Garden. Coincidentally, both games in New York were marked by an inordinate number of free throws. His final Knicks game on April 15 in Toronto, was won by the Raptors.
On Feb.26, Donaghy, Derrick Stafford and Gary Zielinski were assigned to the Knicks' 99-93 victory over the Miami Heat, which was playing without Dwyane Wade. That night, the Knicks attempted 39 free throws compared to eight for Miami. The Knicks were favored by three.
Three months earlier, Donaghy was at the center of a bizarre game between the Knicks and Chicago Bulls, one remembered for Chicago coach Scott Skiles benching Ben Wallace for wearing a headband. Working alongside Eli Roe and veteran official Joey Crawford, Donaghy ejected Skiles 57 seconds into the second half. At the time, Chicago was leading by 24 points. Afterward, Skiles said he deserved the second technical foul, but not the first one Donaghy handed out.
But when Steve Francis shot both technical free throws, it began a parade to the foul line for the Knicks. Over a span of four minutes and 34 seconds, the Knicks attempted 18 free throws, an unusually high amount for a team at the start of a quarter.

We mustn't jump to any conclusions this early on, but it is funny to look back and see a potential explanation for some bizarre games. Leave comments, but remember that we're dealing with a situation that is, as of yet, just a series of accusations.

UPDATE: For more on this tangent, Dave at Blazer's Edge has a fantastic post about the notion of conspiracy in the NBA.