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Eddie Johnson's not amused.

Former NBA sharpshooter/shimmier Eddie Johnson is blogging on, and his most recent post deals with Stephon Marbury's dreams of Italy. EJ thinks Steph is a terrific talent who hasn't bothered to live up to his potential while in the NBA. Johnson gives us the typical criticism of Marbury, with some added European flava.

I played in Europe and if you think they will accept a me-first attitude over there, please don't go. I guarantee you will find out what a heated up coin feels like when it connects with your head. Or rocks being thrown at your house after a huge loss or subpar effort and your kids trying to figure out why.

Steph, you have no clue what pressure is until you go play in Greece and the fans seem like they are in your shirt and smoke fills the arena from either flares being shot across the stadium or cigarettes.

I loved my experience in Greece and I would not trade it for nothing in the world, but it was the most pressure-packed nine months I have ever encountered in my life. I would have liked the idea of you going there out of college for a year or two and then we might be seeing the Starbury we know you can be.

"Heated up coins?" Would that be like, say, Hot Nichols?