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A Second-Rate MOP has released their all-Summer League teams over the last few days. Nate Robinson, the Most Outstanding Player of the Vegas League, was named by Matt Kamalsky to the second team. Kamalsky say what???

Nate Robinson was the official MOP of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, but it would be hard to say that he was more valuable to the Knicks squad than Barea was to the undefeated Mavericks. Robinson stood out on a roster filled with other solid players like Renaldo Balkman, Wilson Chandler, and Randolph Morris, but his team still looked capable of winning when he wasn't on the floor, something that wasn't true for the Mavericks without Barea.

Alright, I can buy that. That's a veiled compliment to the Knicks youngsters, is it not? By the way, "Barea" would be Jose Juan Barea, the Puerto Rican point guard noted for relieving himself in jacuzzis.

Note: We've officially hit the dog days of the season. If anyone in P&T nation has a Knicks-related short story, sonnet, limerick, screenplay, watercolor or Lite Brite creation* that they were waiting to share with us, now would be the time.

*Or a diary