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Saturday Sea Lions

Some links to snack upon from around the internets...

  • About a week old, but this chap thinks the Knicks should move Stephon Marbury. And miss out on more Mike'd Up interviews? Pish-posh!
  • Knickerblogger gives his Jared Jeffries report card and David Crockett has a fantastic post up on the Donaghy scandal. (By the way, the name "zebragate" is almost fun enough to compensate for the problems this scandal will cause the league. For me, anyway.)
  • Larry Johnson showed up at the Last Man Standing tournament. An interview and some pictures catch us up with LJ.
  • Jon Nichols of has come up with a defensive measure called the Defensive Composite Score. It's a very complicated system, but it ranks Renaldo Balkman third in the league...which means I like it.
  • I don't know how many of you are/were Bronx Zoo people, but sea lions rock the shit.
  • In Barnesgasm's most recent post, Gus and Clyde take their lecherous antics to the "European pool" at the Wynn casino. Just read it.
  • SML puts on his thinkin' shoes and asks "Can the Mafia Really Buy an NBA Ref?". Better question: "Can Seth Really Buy a Knicks City Dancer?".
  • The favorite Knicks project is coming. I need your input on format, scale, and participation. Share your thoughts.
That's all for today. Peace.