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The Top Ten Project

This is an idea that was taken from Bullets Forever and then refined to our own tastes by Barnesgasm himself. Here's the plan: In the comments of this post, which I'm gonna leave at the top for a day or two (I'm headed off to the Rock the Bells concert today), rank your ten favorite Knicks of the last 20 years. The 20 years guideline is a little fuzzy, but I just don't think we have many middle-aged dudes in P&T Nation ready to regale us with yarns about Willis Reed and Walt Frazier in their primes. Take care of the order of your top 10, as well, because points will be awarded (Ten for first place down to one for 10th place) for each guy on your list. I will tally up the points and compile a blog-wide Top Ten list. Then we'll divide the players up amongst ourselves and try to get a decent post up about each guy.

This is a really good gauge of what kind of community we've got here, so I encourage you to participate. Rank 'em up!

UPDATE: Remember, these are your favorite Knicks...not necessarily the best ones. If Howard Eisley is one of your favorites, then so be it (you idiot).