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Some 7/3 News and Observations

First of all, check out the Knicks roster page. Notice anything? Zach Randolph has a new number "50" next to his name. Dickau and Jones? Nothing. Is the number typist (real job) for trying to save himself the work of deleting their digits soon? Eh?

Okay, some real news. The thieving Orlando Magic appear to have stolen away Rashard Lewis, the apple of Isiah's eye. They've also snaggled Patrick Ewing for an assistant coaching position. He'll be mentoring Dwight and Darko this year...not EZ Money (our current leader. Vote!).

Last thought. If Lewis is indeed heading to Orlando, that would fit the trend of recent movement. Namely, the stars be moving east. Ray Allen. J-Rich. Randolph. And now Lewis. Is the Leastern Conference shaping up to be the...uh...Beastern Conference next year? It just may be.