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Now THIS would be interesting.

From the New York Post:

While free-agent Rashard Lewis is their pipe dream, on-the-block Ron Artest is more attainable. Thomas had stayed clear of his former player because of his list of violent transgressions that soured owner James Dolan. With the acquisitions of troubled Zach Randolph, the character issue is dead.
Artest, whose fallen out of favor in Sacramento, makes sense. Small forward is the hole in the lineup, and Artest would make the Knicks a solid perimeter defensive team that would cover up their shot-blocking woes. Jared Jeffries was such a disappointment that Quentin Richardson is slated to start there next season.

Woooow. If that deal goes down, it's time to get a director and a camera crew. Ron Artest, Zach Randolph, Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry, Nate Robinson, and the poltergeist of Steve Francis all on the same team would make for "The Bronx is Burning 2: Manhattan is Burning."

That said, since we're clearly in the market for another deal, is Artest a good fit? It's hard to argue the defensive hole he would fill. Unlike Randolph, though, I think Artest's transgressions have been more prone to affect his role on the team and his performance on the court. Who knows. I say if you're gonna go the character issues route, don't half-ass it. Where's Keon Clark at? How about Eddie Griffin? Why don't we just sign Tank Johnson to play the 3?

This promises to be an interesting offseason.