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Your Posting and Toasting Top Ten

My trained genius-badgers have finished their number crunching, and the results are in. John Starks made a late push in the wee hours of the night to surpass Patrick Ewing and become your P&T Favorite Knick of the Last 20 Years. The list:

  1. John Starks- Barnesgasm
  2. Patrick Ewing- venerableseed
  3. Charles Oakley- SML
  4. Larry Johnson- Arichmix
  5. Allan Houston- b schac
  6. Latrell Sprewell- SML
  7. David Lee- Seth
  8. Charlie Ward- Arichmix
  9. Anthony Mason- His haircut
  10. Chris Childs
Some notes:
  • Eddy Curry and Jamal Crawford (one point a piece) got out-voted by such players as Mike Sweetney, Chris Dudley, Matt Barnes, and Greg Anthony in this house. Interesting.
  • John Wallace participated in the vote and gave himself a first place ranking. Welcome to the site, John. Welcome as well to any new users who showed up to participate. Even if you're not John Wallace.
  • If someone wants to check my adding (I mean my badgers'), feel free to do so. I checked and double-checked but I'm doing it by hand on an envelope, so backup might be necessary.
Anyway, now comes the time to write posts about each player. We'll count down ten to one, with each post going up as quickly as is reasonably possible. If you're doing a player, you're welcome to be as straightforward or as humorous as you please. Anecdotes, videos, pictures, and anything else you can dream up are all encouraged. When you write your post, you can either do it as a diary (which I'll promote as soon as I can), or email it to me at I'll try to do this on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we'll see what happens. I'm taking David Lee. Everyone else, choose away.