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Summer League Update

The Knicks' Las Vegas Summer League games begin on Monday. The schedule is as follows:

7/9- Seattle
7/10- China
7/12- Sacramento
7/14- Golden State
7/15- Denver

All of the games except Denver are at 10:00 p.m. All are in MSG except for the China game, which is on NBA TV.

The Summer League roster (link above) includes all of the Knick rookies and sophomores (Chandler isn't listed on the roster, but this article says he's playing), as well as Nate Robinson. A couple other undrafted rookies, guys who had been overseas, and D-Leaguers round out the lineup, including guard Tre Simmons from Washington and Olu Famutimi from Arkansas. It's safe to say none of those guys have a snowball's chance in hell of making a team that's already spilling over the 15-man limit, but it's always fun to see some quality basketball in the offseason.

I just might have to pull out a Know the Opponent: China. Be ready.

UPDATE: As Barnesgasm pointed out, Hot Nichols is wearing #35 in the Summer League. If he doesn't own that jersey like the late Terry Cummings once did, I will personally take offense.*

* I know Terry Cummings isn't dead. Doesn't make it any less meaningful.

UPDATE: Cummings...teehee. Cummings.