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Kings in the Making?

The rumors be floating, my friends. The biggest one involves, as you've surely heard, the talented but difficult Ron Artest. The Knicks side of such a deal might have to include David Lee or Nate Robinson, and would surely be padded with some of the Knicks' excess prospects, which brings up this bit of news:

Six Knicks prospects will be on display in the Las Vegas summer league beginning Monday, in what could be an audition for Sacramento GM Geoff Petrie.
If the Knicks are to land forward Ron Artest in a trade this summer - one of their remaining summer goals - they will have to package a couple of prospects.

That's kinda unsettling. It bothers me that while the Vegas games are played, Geoff Petrie will be quietly looming and salivating over the abilities of our young prospects. (I know very little about Geoff Petrie. I don't think I'd even recognize him. But, for some reason, I always picture him as an old, scuzzy molester. My imagination apologizes to Geoff and his family.)

Stop looking at Demetris like that!

Anyway, rumors are rumors, but this will surely add a twist to my Summer League-viewing experience.

(Hat tip to SB Nation's own Sactown Royalty, which is just like P&T, only it's about the Kings and it's actually good.)