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More Artest Talk

From the NY Daily News:

"Our job is to do our due diligence and do our homework," the Knicks' president and head coach said. "But we're not trying to make a deal. What we have, I like and I'm comfortable with going into the season with it."

Of course, recent history tells us that Thomas spends every waking minute looking to reconstruct the Knicks roster and that Artest, the talented and controversial small forward, is his prime target."

There isn't really any news there, except for the fact that the article's title is "Isiah tries dodging Artest speculation", which isn't cool. The man's trying his hardest to avoid tampering, while the article makes it seem as if he's some sort of two-faced liar. Whatever.

Meanwhile, Daniel Artest, Ron-Ron's kid brother, is pushing for the trade to go down. From the Post:

Reached at his hotel, Daniel Artest told The Post last night, "I'm not disrespecting David's game, but I think Ron is a better player than David Lee. I understand about their long term, but they should go for it now. David's going to get less touches with Zach [Randolph] anyway."

While Tom at Sactown Royalty is egging "Dan-Dan" on, I'm quietly paging through the phonebook for hitmen in the Vegas area. Someone shut this guy up! (Sidenote: Lee doesn't really "get touches" anyway. When the man wants to touch the ball, he does so, kicking much ass and taking many names along the way. He doesn't really need help with that.)

Anyway, unless a deal goes down or there's some crazy development (Daniel Artest Kidnapped! Believed to Be Somewhere in New Jersey!), that should be the last you hear about Artest. I'm sick of him already, and he's not even a Knick.