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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerSonics

It's a game thread! Alex Bougaieff and the Knicks kick off their summer league action tonight against Antywane Robinson and the Sonics. Yeah.

But seriously, I'm excited to see some organized basketball for the first time in a while. The Summer League brings with it a lot of questions, and here are some of mine:

  • How good is Kevin Durant? I know that's not a Knicks question, but I desperately want this kid to be the second coming of Jordan Jesus.
  • What's a Wilson Chandler? Can he shoot? Can he defend? Can he rebound? Can he clean up after Renaldo Balkman? Can he do synthetic division?
  • Can Nate Robinson man the point? Nate was a regular floor general in Vegas last year, but his willingness to be a distributor faded during the season. Is he ready to be a real point guard? By the way, check out the MSG Blog, Game On! for some pre-summer league video, including conversations with David Lee and Mardy Collins, and a look at Nate's new hair. He's sorta let it grow out, and now has the makings of a mini-afro. That would be magical in more ways than I can describe.
  • Is "Antywane" the final frontier in spellings of "Antoine"?
  • Who cloned Olu Famutimi? He appears on both the Seattle and New York rosters. Will New York Olu defend his Seattle analogue? Will their matchup result in a jumpball every time?
  • Can Hot Nichols do things beside shoot? Can he even shoot? Did he break bread at the Vatican?
  • Has Humpty developed some semblance of an offensive repertoire? Has anyone even seen him recently? What does he look like these days?
Them's the questions. The answers begin tonight at 10 p.m. on MSG.