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Sunday Jackals

Hey there everybody. It's been a while. The Knicks Knews have slowed to a standstill, but here are a few links to keep you busy:

- Malik Rose senses that he might be one of the upcoming cuts, and he's trying to state his case:

Which is what makes Rose's presence on the Knicks' roster that much more important. With backup center Jerome James' condition always in question, Rose is the most experienced (and most effective) low-post defender on the team. Yet there are 17 players on the roster, which means at least two of them have to go. Rose knows he could be one of them.

"It's on my mind, to be honest, but not in any large amount," Rose said. "But I don't worry about things I don't have any control over. I'll tell you this, I just put in an offer to buy a place in Harlem, uptown. That's how much I plan on being in New York."

Rose sounded intent on making a difference on the court instead of merely being known as a positive veteran presence in the locker room. That kind of label can be a backhanded compliment to a player who still believes he has something to offer.

"Kevin Willis was that guy in San Antonio and he was 40," Rose said, referring to his days with the Spurs. "But he played . . . he got on the court. I'm 32 and I don't get on the court."

I'm not sure. The makeup of this team might be beyond the influence of a veteran presence. Any bench player that could potentially cut into David Lee's minutes is expendable in my opinion, so I wouldn't complain if "The Flimsy Chair" was one of the cuts.

  • FreeDarko's come out with some brand new shirts featuring 1970's Sports Illustrated graphics. I already bought mine.
  • Brian Cronin of Knickerblogger gives his take on the possibility of a Reggie Miller return.
  • Barnesgasm continues his crusade against Dan Fegan in his most recent post, which includes a likeness of Matt Barnes' contract so hilarious it'll make you shit a lobster.
  • I'm sure you've heard, but David Lee is on the USA Basketball practice squad.
  • Venerableseed, you have the green light to post your Ewing write-up whenever.
That's all for now. I'm hard-pressed to find anything to write about these days. 50 days 'til media day!