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David Lee: Future Olympian?

Could be.

"They told us we're in the pipeline for the future Olympics," Lee told The Post yesterday in a phone interview from Vegas. "Playing in the Olympics, that would be priceless. But just to be in the loop is a great honor. I'm gaining experience against these guys this week and earning respect from them. So far it's been fun. But it was nerve wracking going in there looking at all those names, like an All-Star Game."

Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski singled Lee out during an initial talk.

"The first day Coach K and Colangelo talked about putting together a team, not necessarily the best players in the league, not the best scorers," Lee said. "It's not like that anymore. They're trying to do a team filling holes."

According to Lee, Krzyzewski pointed to the forward's rebounding ability and said, "We want one of the best offensive rebounders in the league on this team."

That's some cool shit. There's also the news that Lee's leg is predictably sore, but that he's close to 100%.

Anyway, the idea of Lee being an Olympian leads me to this question: Which Knicks would excel at which Olympic events? I figure Nate would be best for high jump and long jump, but who could win the 100m? Who has the best endurance? Who's the strongest? Who is most capable of a throwing a long-ass spear as far as they can? How about a really heavy frisbee? Your guesses in the comments.