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Stephon Marbury is fearless, beefy.

Steph pretty much writes his own P&T posts these days. All I have to do is make these nice little gray boxes with his juicy quips, and bang, there's a post. Anyway, here's what Stephon X had to say about the new-look Celtics:

"On paper, they're a really good team with guys who can really play, but they still have to get on the court and do it," Marbury said. "Chemistry is everything. We look good on paper, too, and we have a year under our belts.

"I'm not thinking about Boston," Marbury added. "I'm only thinking about the New York Knicks. Our new nickname is nice and nasty. That's how we're coming."

Something tells me Quentin Richardson and Jamal Crawford are somewhere playing cards and eating pretzels, and Q is like, "Nice and nasty? What the fuck? Who came up with that? Whatever happened to Purple Rain? This is bullshit, I tell you". And Jamal's all like "Mm-hmm. Yeah." and then Q's all like "You're not even listening to me, are you" and then Jamal's like "What?" and then Q's like "I hate you". Yeah. Anyway.

Not only is Marbury fearless, but he has a serious bone to pick with Kevin McHale.'s not just any bone. It's probably the femur.

Isiah Thomas would've loved to snare Garnett, though Zach Randolph is a solid consolation prize.

"McHale wasn't trading him to Isiah; I knew that wasn't going to happen," Marbury said.

Marbury's dislike for McHale stems from his Minnesota days. Marbury felt betrayed after he was dealt by Minnesota, and McHale leaked Marbury was jealous of Garnett.

"As far as my little cousin, I wish him all the best because he's got to deal with Kevin McHale," Marbury said. "I wouldn't want to play for Kevin McHale. When I left, all of a sudden I became a bad person from his standpoint. I became selfish and jealous of Kevin."

Whatever. Too many damn Kevins. All I know is that Stephon X is almost single-handedly responsible for keeping this summer interesting. Thank you, Mr. Marbury.