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Monday Marmots

Here are a few things to keep you occupied in these dog days of the NBA offseason...

  • Today's must-read comes, as it often does, from Barnesgasm over at Son of Dippin. This time it's the harrowing mystery of Ime Udoka. A taste:
    And I could see into his soul, and he into mine. I could see fear, hate, shame, sadness, anger, hunger, and loneliness. I could see every emotion on the face of the earth in those pitiful eyes. But the one emotion I could not see was compassion. And on that April night, it became clear to me: Ime Udoka has murdered.

    I would give one of my chins to be as hilarious yet lyrical as our friend Barnesgasm.

  • The kids at Knickerblogger give their grade of one of my favorite Knicks, Quentin Richardson (who, to answer a previous question, would be the best shot-putter among the Knicks in my opinion. Have you had a look at those pythons?).
  • The Isiah Thomas Affairs continue. I hope this doesn't become a fucking distraction.
  • I chose marmots for two reasons. One is that I'm in Colorado right now, and there are dogs hunting those little bastards just outside my window. The other is that I watched The Big Lebowski last night.
  • All signs were pointing to David Lee being the beloved white badass (BWB) on the USA Practice Select Team, but now Nick Collison is showing him up. Time for Big Dave to choke somebody.
  • With the Knicks currently claiming 17 players, one has to wonder if the NBA isn't getting overcrowded. Jonathan Givony at DraftExpress says, actually, yeah it is. (Found via the Fanhouse).
That's all for today, children. Remember to look both ways before crossing the street. Peace.