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Alan Hahn Gives the Scoop

Alan Hahn, whose Newsday blog, The Knix Fix, I regularly cite has a very good breakdown today of the goings-on at the MSG Training Center. The post is worth a read, but here are the Sparknotes for the less adventurous (it should be noted that Hahn did not see any of this first-hand, but whatever):

  • Nate Robinson is practicing really hard. I would be too if I had Mardy Collins and Dan Dickau breathing down my neck.
  • Zach Randolph is nowhere to be found. Awesome.
  • Eddy Curry's been practicing jumpers. It never hurts to have another skill-set, but why wait until now, of all times, to emulate Zach Randolph?
  • The Knicks are in a bit of a snafu with Demetris Nichols. He seems too good to flat-out cut, but he's reluctant to play in Europe. D-League? Trade? We'll keep our eye on that situation.
  • Hahn also provides some interesting thought on Marbury's comments on Michael Vick. As a person, I think Steph's got the right to say whatever the hell he pleases. As a Knick fan, I don't think he needs that kind of attention. In the long run, it doesn't really matter.
Anyway, check out that post for the full breakdown. I'll be back later. Peace.