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David Lee is compositely filthy.

I don't fancy myself much of a stathead, but is one of my favorite sites on the interwebs. If you've never been, the guys there pool lots of resources to invent and organize new statistics. The beauty of basketball is that it's not an exact science, but new statistical rankings are always fun and informative.

Anyway, Jon Nichols of 82games has followed his Defensive Composite Score system with a new Offensive Composite Score. I'll let Jon explain it:

Similar to what I did with defense, I'm combining three offensive rating systems into one. I'm actually using the opposite versions of the three stats I used before: the Offensive rating system developed by Dean Oliver, PER production (found on the team pages here at, and offensive plus-minus, also found at 82games. I then adjust offensive rating and PER production for position. Next, I add up the three z-scores for the three stats for each player and multiply them by 10. After adjusting for playing time (whether or not most of it is against starters or benchwarmers), Offensive Composite Score is complete.

Got it? Good. If there's one thing I love about stats, it's when they make Knicks look good. Sure enough, there's David Lee sitting at number 10 in the league in OCS. For what it's worth, Lee's score of 56.7 puts him higher than Paul Pierce, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett. It's just one statistic, and it's still being fine-tuned, but I like what I see. (In case you were wondering, Malik Rose and Mardy Collins are both in the range labeled as "terrible". Now you KNOW the score is accurate.)

Anyway, go check out 82games for the OCS  and some more fun stat action. Today's lesson is that David Lee is a basketball savant, a man's man, and actually a demigod. Never forget it.