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Wednesday Mandrills

Let me start by saying that P&T kinda sucks right now. I'm someone who thrives on routine, and this end-of-summer transition into school has thrown a wrench into my blogging. I drive up to school on Sunday, and I'd just like to reassure everybody that once I've settled in I intend to get this site back rolling. By the time the season rolls around we should be back into the flow of things just like last year. Thanks for sticking around. On to some links...

  • Knickerblogger's Nate Robinson report card is up. I agree with KB's assessment that despite his offensive ability, Nate's behavior last season got him a bad reputation. All signs are pointing to this being Nate's breakout year as a player and a teammate.
  • Speaking of which, Nate's 5-day basketball camp for boys and girls ended on Saturday. What would such a camp be like? Well...
    The camp, held at Mt. Kisco's Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Westchester, was open to boys and girls ages 6-16. Robinson personally attended to each and every detail of the camp, ranging from what drills to run to what each camper would eat for lunch.

    Robinson put the entire camp schedule together by drawing on his favorite parts of the camps he attended when he was younger, as well as those he worked at as an instructor. He then added his own unique flavor to create a truly one-of-a kind experience for his campers. Working together with his good friend and high school teammate, David Hudson, Robinson created the model for the numerous camps he plans to run in the years to come.

    I happen to have attained an itinerary from Nate's camp. Here's a typical day:

    9 a.m.- Campers arrive. Froot Loops and Hawaiian Punch distributed.

    10 a.m.- First Workshop: The Art of the Off-the-Backboard Pass

    11 a.m.- Why Hit a Three-Pointer When You Can Hit an Eight-Pointer?: Halfcourt shot practice

    12 p.m.- Lunchtime. Nate's favorite dish (Macaroni & Pop Rocks) served.

    1 p.m.- Recess. Children are encouraged to jump over one another.

    2 p.m.- Film: 2006 Slam Dunk Contest Highlights

    3 p.m.- Karate

    4 p.m.- Snacktime. Do-it-yourself sundaes. Prizes awarded for creativity and excess.

    4:30 p.m.- Campers depart

    Yes, I was kidding. That's not real. In all seriousness, it's fantastic that Nate's doing this for the kids and he's proving that he deserves a shot at an improved image. I expect this to be a big year for Nate Robinson.

  • Remember when John Starks showed up at my day camp and I wondered if he just shows up everywhere? Well, Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict has photographic evidence to suggest that yeah, he pretty much does. He's also got a ghastly-ass serve. If John had honored my request and come by the camp tennis courts for a lesson, he wouldn't be serving like a girl. His loss.
  • Mandrills are awesome/hilarious.
  • DLIC from FreeDarko talks about Stephon Marbury on yesterday's episode of Bleacher Bloggers.
  • The Basketball Jones wants your vote for best podcast, and there's absolutely no question they deserve it. Here's the link to cast your vote.
That's all for now. Peace.