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Friday Lynx

Here's what's happening on this stormy Friday night...

  • First of all, I just won a pair of courtside tickets behind the Knicks' bench at some point this season. More on this as it develops.
  • The Artest2ThaKnicks rumors have started back up again, but Alan Hahn says that, for now anyway, it's bullshit.
  • We heard that David Lee will be scrimmaging against the national team. Well, he might be joined by Channing Frye. Remember him?
  • If you're doing a Top Ten post (Arichmix is up next with Charlie Ward) and you want to include pictures or video, email me. The html is difficult for users, but easy for me to do.
  • Nate and Humpty both get mentioned in's best of Summer League post.
  •'s survey of incoming rookies is out, and it's a doozy. Hot Nichols is noted for his shooting prowess (second to Morris Almond. Grrrrr.) and Wilson Chandler is mentioned for his athleticism and relative anonymity. Meanwhile, of the 44 rookies, 1 said he was most excited about facing David Lee (I'm guessing that was one of the Florida alumni) and one said he was psyched to face Quinton Ross (I assume that's Yi Jianlian. The Chinese words for "LeBron" and "Quinton" are almost indistinguishable to the untrained ear.) Anyway, I think these surveys are my favorite part of
  • The discussion at Knickerblogger revolves around Steve Nash. Is he in your five?
  • SML breaks down the newly Garnett-ed Eastern Conference. Our All-Star team is gonna be the tits this year.
  • Barnesgasm: "Crack does not hurt Matt Barnes. Crack makes him stronger." Yeah.
That's all for now, kids. Be on the lookout for more Top Ten posts and such. Peace.

Update: Forgot to mention, today is far and away the most trafficked day in P&T history, thanks to our boy Anthony Mason's Haircut, who got his Top Ten piece picked up by TrueHoop. Props all around.