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Alright, fine.

Let's talk about Ron Artest. I've been blowing off the Artest rumors just because I couldn't imagine the deal actually happening. My assumptions might be mistaken. From Ken Berger's blog:

Still, I believe there's a 50-50 chance that Artest winds up getting traded to the Knicks - if not this summer, then at trade deadline. It just makes too much sense. He'd be the perfect offensive/defensive combination at the 3, would go through a wall for Isiah, and as he stated Tuesday, he'd take the privilege of playing in New York very, very seriously. I think after all he's been through, he could handle it. Sounds crazy to say about a guy who's found the trouble he's found over the years, but I get the impression he wants this to happen in the worst way.

I've expressed my feelings on this. First of all, there's no way you give up David Lee for Artest. Isiah would lose all managerial credibility in my eyes if The Demigod was the centerpiece of that deal. Secondly, if what they really want is a "perfect offensive/defensive combination at the 3", then why not just do some coaching for once? Get Renaldo Balkman a shooting instructor. Work with Lee on his defensive moves. Take Wilson Chandler for a spin. With all these raw resources on the roster, it would be cheaper and safer to simply build our own Ron Artest. We could even buy Humpty some turntables and recording equipment and let him record an album. Whatever it takes.

That's what I think. How about you guys? Is Ron Artest worth a shot? If so, then why? Express with your full capabilities in the comments.

Update: Also worth a read: Alan Hahn's mailbag.