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It was Zach's fault.

Clearly. From

Z-Bo had worn out his welcome in Portland after being charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, being investigated for (but never charged with) sexual assault, and making the bone-headed move of visiting a strip club on his way to family bereavement leave. You just knew those things had to come back and bite him. And they did last week, when Kevin Garnett joined Z-Bo in the East.

Just like that, Z-Bo was once again under the shadow of a Western Conference star. Just like that, Z-Bo would need a career-best year to even have a shot at starting in the All-Star game. And just like that, all his mischievous deeds and bad karma came back to haunt him.

I bet NOW he regrets the strip club visits and the street racing. If this Randolph-Garnett rivalry somehow ends up like Face/Off, then we all win. Let us hope.

(Tip of the hat to Celtics 24/7)