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Randolph Driving Recklessly

No, not that one, silly! Randolph Morris was arrested early this morning for reckless driving. Although he blew under the legal limit, Big Dolph took a turn too fast and didn't signal at an exit near his alma mater. He had been drinking and cops found him red in the eyes and foul of breath. In other news, there are traffic laws in Kentucky.

Not his mugshot...but it could be.

Anyway, this isn't wonderful, but I guess I'm so jaded by shit that's been going on that anything that doesn't involve pit bulls, steroids, or the mafia can't faze me. Hopefully this isn't an indication of Dolph's more common tendencies.

By the way, when's the last time a Knick got in trouble with the law? I vaguely remember Kurt Thomas having a domestic violence issue, but has there been anything since then? I feel like I'm forgetting something huge.