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Wednesday Hedgehogs

I'm not gonna be around at all today, so here are a few links to snack upon in my absence...

  • The Blowtorch has some awesome NBA caricatures, including this one of Wilson Chandler.
  • If you've been dying to see Stephon Marbury wielding a trident on horseback or Mengke Bateer breaking Shaq's's your lucky day. This is quite simply the trippiest thing I've ever seen.
  • One thing I love about SB Nation is that the intelligence and skill of my co-bloggers reflects on me in some way. Tom Ziller's fascinating "Mapping the NBA" post at Ballhype, for instance, makes me feel awesome. I'm sure the other SBN guys feel the same way about things like this.
  • The Feed (which is a consistently entertaining blog, if you've never read it) puts a positive spin on Randolph Morris' arrest. This could be the start of great things. I say he has to mix it up, though. Ideas for Randolph Morris' next crime:
           -Eat a mailman
           -Port-o-Potty arson
           -Go to the Bronx Zoo and kidnap a sea lion
           -Illegal starfish racing (with Jared Jeffries)
           -Fix fights between pit bulls that are on steroids

That's all for now, kids. Everyone have a great day. Peace.