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Who's the Man?

Going into the '07-'08 season, it's fairly uncertain who "the man" is on this Knicks squad. Team chemistry and balance are vital, but I'm also of the opinion that any team worth its salt has a definitive leader. The Spurs have Duncan. The News had Huey Lewis. Who's the man on the Knicks? Here are some possibilities:

Eddy Curry
Pros: Undoubtedly the center of the offense. Likely to be the leading scorer and definitely the number one threat for opponents.
Cons: Not exactly vocal and not exactly consistent. Only 24 years old.

Stephon Marbury
Pros: The point guard. The biggest name on the team and the most veteran star.
Cons: Hasn't proven he can lead a team far in the past. May or may not be batshit crazy.

Zach Randolph
Pros: Might be the most talented player on the team. Pretty aggressive and vocal. Supposed to be the pickup that pushes this team into the playoffs?
Cons: Too new. Too fond of strippers.

Quentin Richardson
Pros: Physically and vocally powerful veteran who may have been the locker room leader last season.
Cons: Imminent possibility of his being out for the season. Might not start.

David Lee
Pros: Tenaciousest player on the team by far. Has healing powers, telekinetic abilities.
Cons: Young and might not start. Demi-god status might intimidate other players.

Malik Rose
Pros: Thinks hes the leader.
Cons: Sucks.

Jerome James
Pros: Tallest?
Cons: Yeah, I was kidding.

Those are my candidates. I'm actually undecided at the moment, though I'd be happiest to see Curry transform into the vocal leader of the team. What do you think? Who's the man? Leave your thoughts in the comments.