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Tuesday Capybaras

What's up kids? Here are some links from around the interwebs...

  • First of all, I know I'm gonna be looking for people to write game recaps this season. I've got everything set up so I can watch games, but it's just not gonna be as easy for me to catch games this season. Obviously, I'm going to do whatever I can, but I'd love it if I knew I had a few of you to fill in. So identify yourself (emailing me would work) if you're game (especially if you're funny and speak English.)
  • One of the more balanced looks you're gonna get at Isiah Thomas as a coach.
  • In case you've been living in a cave, the Isiah Thomas case has commenced. I don't care.
  • Your run-of-the-mill interview with Renaldo Balkman.
  • Re-watch this. There will be frequent references in the upcoming year.
That's all for now. Peace.