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Zeke On the Hot Seat?

It hadn't really crossed my mind, to be honest...but Charley Rosen of Fox Sports thinks its a possibility:

Because he also doubles as New York's GM, Zeke has taken advantage of an opportunity seldom granted to NBA coaches -- that of handpicking his roster. Despite the continuing votes of confidence by his boss, James Dolan, Thomas' initial season on the Knicks' bench was a success only when measured against the total disaster produced by Larry Brown.

Over the summer, Thomas engineered a deal that brought Zach Randolph to New York and, indeed, is betting both of his jobs on Randolph's ability to develop into a mature, hard-working superstar.

Can Randolph stay out of trouble amid the big-time temptations of night-life in the Apple? Can Randolph and Eddy Curry co-exist? Can Stephon Marbury stop embarrassing himself every time he makes a public statement? And most importantly, can the Knicks get off to a fast start?

Oh, yes ... Will Thomas avoid getting burned in his ongoing sexual harassment trial? If the answer to any of the above questions is "no", then Zeke just might be pushed before he gets a chance to jump.

I suppose it's possible, but I think this definitely wouldn't happen mid-season. I also think it won't be a problem, because the Knicks are breaking .500 this year. Book it.