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"Dolan" Out Suspensions?

Cheesiest title ever.

We know that the Isiah Thomas trial is embarassing, frustrating, and probably costly. Nothing good can possibly come of this. Or can it? Filip Bondy of the NY Daily News suggests that this trial could mean James Dolan's ass:

Because if Dolan loses this civil suit now making such lurid headlines, if a jury finds that he acted illegally by firing Browne Sanders or that Thomas sexually harassed the woman, then Dolan may lose more than a few more million dollars, which never seems to trouble him. He may finally have given the NBA its long-awaited opportunity to come down hard on the league's most embarrassing owner. Dolan could face a suspension that would be welcomed with almost universal applause by long-suffering Knick fans.

If David Stern is smart - and nobody ever accused him of anything otherwise - then this disaster may yet turn into the commissioner's chance to exile the Knicks' resident bully for at least awhile.

According to a code of conduct put into writing last year, Stern has the right to punish an owner or executive for behavior detrimental to the league. And while Stern won't comment on ongoing litigation, the NBA is understandably fed up with the Knicks' ownership. If there is an unfavorable verdict for Dolan, the commissioner surely will summon Dolan to discuss the ramifications.

"He has the right to do something," one league official said of the commissioner, referring to this case. "I'm sure David would deal with it."

I don't know how you guys feel about James Dolan, but everything I've heard about him paints him to be one of the most unlikeable, dictatorial owners in any sport. I think I'd embrace a suspension of the big man upstairs, especially if it lead to more permanent measures. What do you think, and how does everybody feel about Dolan in general? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Note: My laptop is effed up so I've been going back and forth to the library to post and check my email, etc. Please bear with me for a couple of days while I sort stuff out. Gracias.